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Whether you're an individual job seeker, an employee looking for training material, a school looking for career support for students, or anyone else, we've got a subscription package tailored to your needs.


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For Individuals

Whether you're looking for work or looking for a promotion, our user-friendly training materials can help prepare you for the process.

But why stop there? AllSumJobs offers a place to put your resume, build a user profile, socialize with others in your occupation, and hosts one-on-one and group sessions between you and approved instructors!

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For Individuals

For Instructors

We offer competitive commission to anyone willing to sign up and create content on AllSumJobs. Expert in a field or simply learn something and want to share it, instructors and creators can apply to have their work created and hosted on AllSumJobs for free.

Unlike others, we even offer hands-on post-production and marketing support to our instructors. Just ask about our different offers, as we provide the ultimate in flexibility.

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For Instructors

For Schools

AllSumJobs doesn't stop at just individual users; we provide bulk offers to schools, academies, universities and all other places of learning. Your students will need soft skills to compete in today's labor market, and that's what we do best.

Have a specific content requirement that can't be outsourced to an e-learning platform? Ask us about our production services. We can digitize content your provide and even have staff on-hand for creating courses to your needs.

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For Schools

For Businesses

While the big names may have their own in-house training services, AllSumJobs is there for the little guys. With a large course library at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, small businesses can on-board and train their workers with our content.

We offer bulk orders for any business of all sizes, and for an cheap rate we can even digitize your content, too! Does your workplace have a training manual you'd think would be more effective as a course? Let us produce that for you!

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For Businesses

For Workforce Agencies

AllSumJobs offers a flexible bulk package to meet workforce needs within their budget. We specialize in content that reaches hard-to-reach audiences that your agencies are often handling cases for. Use our course library and production services to build an effective package that trains and gets your users employed.

As with all bulk offers, we also provide digitization of materials and feedback on user progress. Need a course deemed as "mandatory", un-skippable and provide a certificate? We can adjust how your users handle content so you have complete control with how and where your users complete courses.

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For Workforce Agencies

Frequently Asked Questions

While we specialize in soft skills training and career advice courses, we host a wide variety more including hard skills training, onboarding materials, and anything else our professional instructors are hosting with us.

Yes! We can provide evidence for course completion for any content but for professional certificates, this will vary by instructor and whether their course materials meet professional standards within their domain. AllSumJobs’ original content generally does not support professional certificates at this time.

Profile pages are available to all free, individual and enterprise users. You can edit your profile images, your description, and fill out a little about yourself. You can even upload your resume!  As for recruiters, we can share your information if you permit us to do so, primarily through institutions who are currently recruiting.

Yes, but we only share your information with recruiters if you allow it. We also share information to organizations for users who are subscribed through that organization. Otherwise, all data is kept confidential and only used internally.

While individuals get access to the course library, institutions and any other organization with an enterprise subscription can host (and even profit) from materials they host with us. We also provide marketing and social media support for any organizations willing to partner with AllSumJobs to support their training needs.